Friday, January 16, 2009

"Prequels and Preludes to Grooviness"

The Brady Bunch changed my life. Within them I saw everything that I was lacking; unity, morality, Sisterhood, and canned laughter. The cultural environment that I came out of offered me little recourse but to turn to them; Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, Cindy and Alice offered something better. They offered hope. I was a sheltered child with few friends and even fewer hobbies; my ‘training wheels’ Savior, Jesus Christ, had grown stale and the Great God TV quickly took his place. TV seemed to understand me better. TV never failed to prove to me that it was really there. I could touch TV. I could believe in TV. The BradyVerse revealed to me a bright and new world that I had not conceived possible; shag carpeting, Formica countertops, hip music and practical fatherly advice. I made a conscious decision to immerse myself in their world and to assimilate theirs into mine; I became a Brady! I scouted every thrift and vintage store that I could find in the area, buying up a dazzling collection of platform shoes, fringe vests, colorful and big-collared polyester shirts, heart-stopping bellbottoms, peach leisure suits and outta-sight overcoats! I became THE Psychedelic Psychonaut Eccentric of Rochester High School; strutting my impenetrable style down the locker room halls, memorizing a litany of 60’s era pop groups and gracefully adopting the vernacular speech patterns of the Bunch. With puberty, I ascended into a grand level of excellence and aesthetic purity and I have not looked back since. The Holy Groovy bathed me in its kaleidoscope blood and I was reborn a living Saint. And now I bring to you a new Church based on that psychedelic after-birth; along with the gushing violence of War and the creative possibilities of Semen, WSG is a Monument to a life lived; an interpretation of tried, true and timeless lessons, carefully distilled and exhaled out from the mouth of the Divine Host, Vince Anthony Ynzunza. Get with it. Get Groovy.

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