Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Help Ronald Vaughan

Members of the Fab Reich, I am here to tell you about the sad tale of Ronald Vaughan. He is a brilliant Los Angeles area artist and performer and has recorded some delightfully groovy songs under the name Isadore Ivy. He was featured on the great Rodney Bingenheimer documentary ‘Mayor of the Sunset Strip’ and has also performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Last Thursday, Ronald was brutally stabbed and is currently in the ICU and in desperate straits. Below, I am reposting a message from his good friend, Giddle Partridge, urging you to help out in anyway that you can. Ronald Vaughan is a true national relic and is necessary to the continued prosperity of the American Underground Art Scene.

“We the friends of Ronald vow to protect him and keep him safe when at all possible! Last Thursday Ronald was just walking in Hollywood when he was stabbed in the heart and lung! In daylight!! The crazed murderer killed three men before attempting seriously to take Ronald's life as well. Thank god, Ronald is the only survivor! He is in the ICU now in grave condition, he is having surgery on his lung (august 11, 2009). Please pray for him and keep him in your thought's. You may remember Ronald Vaughan from his good friend Rodney Bingenheimer's film "Mayor Of The Sunset Strip".
Ronald is homeless and does not have family or health insurance...
Any donations will be gladly appreciated and are really needed! Send your donations to Paypal
OR Giddle Partridge
P.O. Box 480775
Los Angeles, Ca. 90048
(*make check payable to Giddle Partridge or CASH*)

-Giddle Partridge”

Many have maligned Ronald Vaughan as being nothing more than a “fringe”, or “outsider”, artist – I find such labels to be paltry and rather condescending. Like the great eccentric men of yesteryear; Tiny Tim, Daniel Johnston, Anton Lavey, Benjamin Franklin, et al., Mr. Vaughan is a unique icon, he lives and breathes by his own Law. And nothing can be more Groovy than that.


  1. This is RONALD VAUGHAN himself talking...thanks
    for this website. Found it accidentally by Googling,today (Aug.18). Thanks to Cedara-Sinai,
    I'm recovering from my wounds,in an undisclosed

    Let me set one thing straight,though: My attacker
    did NOT see me as a homeless man. I do not sleep
    on the streets of Hollywood,and I was clean-shaven the day of August 6.

    What I believe happened,is: that the criminal
    (who's from a foreign country--Mexico?Phillipines?) has a strong (Roman Catholic?) religious fanaticism.

    I happened to be wearing the decade-old "Doppleganger: Meet Your Evil Twin" T-shirt
    when I got stabbed. I was merely carrying a small
    bag of personal articles from nearby storage.

    But that T-shirt has a picture of a band member as a female "devil". An artistic statement that,
    unfortunately,some people would kill for--literally.Photos of "devils" often are used in
    heavy-metal music for some reason...I personally
    am not into devil-worship,but I can't change the

    Yeah,I'm of a creative mold...I see myself in the
    aura of EDEN ABHEZ (R.I.P.) who wrote the song
    "Nature Boy" for Nat "King" Cole. BTW,if I had
    money,I'd support one and only one homeless
    charity: FOOD,NOT BOMBS.

  2. I have about 4 copies left of my ISADORE IVY CD.
    You can't buy them in stores. I never got a record deal;and my career stalled after the MAYOR
    OF THE SUNSET STRIP documentary was mis-handled.

    BUT you can PayPal me via AND I also have DVD's
    of my LIVE performance (Halloween 2007) at Mondo
    Video A Go Go. Never available before.

    Also,attention spec scriptwriters: Years ago I
    copyrighted a bulk idea to be filmed. It's called
    POOT-A-RAMA (A Story About Getting Drum Sounds From Doberman Pinschers,and Adults Who Have Too
    Much Attitude.) I don't know how to write scripts. But you can write .

    Other stories I've written are up on Associated
    Content. com ---search for "Ronald Vaughan".

  3. This IS Ronald Vaughan once again...It's been nearly 3 years since that horrible stabbing. Only thing left is a small 1 1/2 inch faded scar...BTW,there was one other survivor.

    I'm still trying to re-start my stalled career. "MAYOR OF THE SUNSET STRIP" was mis-handled (even by RODNEY B standards). But somebody out there can re-cut the film or something.