Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life is Groovy

Life is Groovy. In all the cosmos, in every corner of the vast and uncharted Universe, the hot miracle of Life and existence is certainly the most profound force that we have encountered. Yet science and religion, for all of its admirable qualities, cannot completely explain it. Why are we really here? How are we here? Is this a dream? What are dreams? No one can say. And it doesn’t matter. Life can explain itself – if you’re careful enough to pay attention.

Life is Groovy. Smoke a cigarette. I find several moments everyday that scream for nicotine – the perfect song comes on the radio, when a great meal has just been had, digging the fog on a cool Autumn morn. A cigarette can be the exclamation point for exultation! Through it, we master the energy of fire, we consume and control its propensities and become modern day fire-walkers! And don’t let the Lung Nazis get you down – a person without a vice is a person without clarity.

Life is Groovy. Listen to music every day. Music is the Literature of the NOW – it is the soundtrack of the simple subconscious – the subconscious that does not confound life with unnecessary words and explanations. Good music can instantly change your mood – it redirects your attention from the distractions of a shitty day and reconnects you with who you really are. David Bowie, Tommy James and the Shondells, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Leadbelly, Justin Timberlake and Antony and the Johnsons are the shepherds of the inner light. Bask in it. Listen to it.

Life is Groovy. Have as much sex as you want. Sex is fun. Life should be fun. Make it happen. Someday, you will be old and ugly and you will not have the opportunities that you have now. Take advantage of your youth and screw your brains out! Wear condoms.

Life is Groovy. Take a walk. This planet is beautiful – be it in the perfection of nature or in the marvel of modern cities – so much is missed when you’re driving 50 mph. A good walk allows you to notice the intricate nuances of everything!

Life is Groovy. But above all, remember that it is fraught with disappointment – people are not always who they claim to be, friends and lovers come and go like the days of a calendar, blood flows until it stops and one day, you and everyone you know will be dead. But all of that is merely a part of the larger story – Life is bigger than you and your experiences. Nothing really ends – it just changes. One day, long after your body has broken, your atoms and bacteria will continue to feed Life. Your essence will fill the lungs of another and what your face once was will then be the testicles of a Cocker Spaniel. But until then, enjoy what you now own. Life is Groovy. Live it.

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