Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is Happy Valley High?

What is Happy Valley High?

It is a soft-core psychedelic High School drama that follows the coming-of-beast story of a cheerleader named Heather Happy. Heather is the most youthful and beautiful of the historic Happy family who settled Happy Valley in the late 19th century – and she totally digs her status amongst her peers. She is the student body president, the head cheerleader of the unbeatable Happy Valley Warriors, and the proud girlfriend of the Warrior’s hunky star quarterback, Mikey Badger the 3rd. But something has happened to Mikey; he has been turned into a batch of butterflies! Together with her classmate, Nike Rimbaud, Heather must uncover the mystery of what happened to her boyfriend, and unearth a terrible secret that has plagued Happy Valley for over a century! Through Heather and Nike’s adventures, they encounter Lisa Frankenstein transubstantiation, unravel the riddle of tree frogs, and discover the existence of a dark, pharmacological entity known as Dr. Unicorn – and that is just the beginning!

Stay tuned for developments as series creator, Vince Ynzunza, spins a story for the ages! Happy Valley High represents the future of the Technicolor thriller – J.J. Abrams, Diablo Cody, and Glenn Beck better watch out! Class is in session!

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